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His Girlfriend Asked Him To Buy Cushion For Her, See Photo Of What SMAN Men Offered That Got Reactions (Photos below)



Nigerians are unique and unusual from other nations. Amid difficulties, frustrations, and starvation, an average Nigerian must find something to keep himself comfortable and forget his sorrows and discomforts. We all know that fun and laughter are some of the urgencies of life. Without it, life will be so uneventful that every human will beg to leave this earth due to sadness and unhappiness.

it is no longer news that a group of people who call themselves “SMAN” has been trending on social media for some days now. The committee first trended on Facebook before going viral on Twitter, Instagram, and blogs and still trending in Nigeria as of now.

The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria is a group of men who alleged that they are tired of spending on some category of women like a fake girlfriend and side chicks and chooses to become stingy to women.

As SMAN trends on social media, Other splinter groups have emerged to challenge the SMAN, such as the Stingy Women Association of Nigeria, Lavish Men Association, etc. The purpose and objectives of these groups differ but they somehow counter each other.

In this article, a member of the stingy men association of Nigeria has shown up what he bought for his girlfriend after she asked for a cushion.

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The post is currently circulating on social media platforms, especially Facebook. People are reacting from a different angle to show their opinion on the issue .

See How People are reacting

what do you think about what he decided to buy for his girlfriend?

Is it too much or should he look for another option.

Let us know your opinion in the comments box.