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Girl Born with Heart Outside Her Chest Loves Being Unique (Details below)



A GIRL born with her heart outside her chest due to a rare condition beats the survival odds and loves being unique.

Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova now aged 11, from Florida was not expected to be born alive after Doctors discovered the rare, one in a million condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell. When she was in the womb, Virsaviya’s abdominal muscles and ribs formed incorrectly, which meant that her heart grew outside of her chest.

The inspiring 11 year-old loves to dance and sing and make the most of her life, even though her heart is only just below the skin’s surface and can be felt beating. Mum Dari said, “She truly is a miracle and I love the way she is. She is absolutely unique. She is one in a million.

“Her brother, Ervin, loves to get close to his sister’s heart and to touch and rest his hands and face against it.”

Virsaviya normally wears a covering to protect her heart and is extremely careful not to knock or damage her chest, as it could kill her. The inspiring girl loves being unique and said, “Sometimes it can be difficult when my oxygen levels are low and I feel lightheaded and dizzy. But I love staying active and singing and dancing with my friends.

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“This past year has been boring because we haven’t been able to go anywhere or do anything but spending time with my brother has been nice.