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Father Rape His Daughter For Having A Boyfriend (Details below)



This 45 Year Old Man Repeatedly Raped His 18-Year-Old Daughter For Falling In Love.

In the case of rape, there are different scenarios. We have heard of stories of how fathers raped their daughters.

In this part of the world, such a sad event is believed to be occultic and a huge taboo.

In India, a 45- year old father has raped his daughter. His wife reportedly helped him and watched the ordeal. The man allegedly raped his daughter to teach her a lesson for having a relationship with local youth. The survivor’s sister rescued her.

The accused who is a retired School Education Department Officer along with his wife have denied the charges. The survivor was an 18-year old girl, the youngest of the three daughters of the man. She was reportedly raped twice by his father within 16 days of COVID-19 lockdown. The police had arrested the accused and his wife after the preliminary inquiry as stated by a police officer Avinash Bansal to IndiaTv.