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Father And Son Exchange Blows Over A Woman In Kiambu (Details below)



Residents of Thika in Kiambu County were served to a rare spectacle when a father and his biological son engaged in a nasty fight over a woman.

Love is a very strong feeling that involves attraction of two people of the opposite s3x. Some people say love is blind and knows no bound while others say love is very wicked.

A father and son had to exchange blows when they coincidentally met in a house that belonged to a certain woman allegedly to be their lover.

The father who was having the woman as a side chick went to visit the love of his life as it was the norm and in badluck his son had already visited the woman who is allegedly to be his girlfriend.

According to the witness it’s said that the two men have been in love affairs with the woman without knowing that they were mutually sharing the conjugal rights. The son who had visited the woman tried to hide under the bed when someone knocked the door and after a moment it came to his attention that the woman’s alleged husband was his biological father who also had the love affair with the woman.

The son tried to escape but by bad luck he fell down on the floor and it was during that time when commotion started that resulted to quarrelling and fighting.

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It took intervention of the neighbours to separate the two men and the council of elders had to meet and resolve the conflict between the two before the matter could worsen.

According to neighbours, they have been witnessing the duo make frequent visits to that house. They resorted to solve the matter locally by seeking the wisdom of the elders. The matter has since been placed before the council of elders who will decide that case.