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Everything You Need To Know About Titanoboa Snake (Details below)



Although these snakes are long extinct, they entered the records as one of the largest snakes and belong to the class of Anacondas and Boa constrictors. They actuallyt the largest snake species that ever graced the universe. Here is everything that you need to know about these enourmous snakes.


Titanoboa snake is estimated to have lived some 60 million years ago. Adult species are thought to have grown to a record a record 42 feet in length and can weigh up to 2500 lbs on average. They actually were close relatives of Anacondas and are thought to have had similar appearance, behaviour and characteristic. They are the largest snakes to ever slither or walk on earth with the extinct gigantophis coming second after them.


Although no one saw these snakes alive, they are believed to have inhabited the swampy areas of South America. It however is possible that they lived in a wide range of places since we only depend on fossils that are discovered by archeologists. This is also because for skeletons to properly fossilize, it needs perfect environmental conditions such as pressure and temperature.


Their diet have been derived from studying their teeth formation and shape. It has been theorised that these snakes feed mostly on fish. While they belong to the class of Boas, their teeth were different from those of Boas.

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Researchers are still in the dark about the behaviour and reproduction life of these mysterious titan reptiles. This is partly because no fossilised eggs have been found so far. Researchers are however hoping to one day find one as they could hold the key to secrets of these creatures.

Titanoboa and humans

You would be shocked but no human ever saw these snakes. They actually disappeared from the face of the earth long before the first human existed. So yes they were never domesticated.