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“Don’t Expose My Photos To The World” – Girl Begs Ex-Boyfriend In A WhatsApp Chat (Screenshots below)



The WhatsApp screenshots below contains a chat between a girl and her Ex-boyfriend. After they broke up, the man wanted the girl to come back to him. The girl refused because the man cheated on her. The man threatened to leak her photos if she refused to come back to him.

Lessons to be learnt by all ladies from the WhatsApp Chat above

1. Don’t share your body to people because it could have a side effect on you in the future.

2. All ladies should learn not to give men their [email protected] pictures because it could be used to blackmail them in the future.

3. Mind the kind of men you relate with because some might be cheating on you.

As a Nigerian, what can you say about the WhatsApp chat above?

Do you think the girl deserves to be blackmailed by her Ex-boyfriend?

What do you think should be done?

If you have anything to say, visit the comment section and say it.

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