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Despite Marrying Two Women, Nollywood Actor and His Wives Are Living Happily Together (Photos below)



In Nigeria, there’s a general belief that once you get married to more than one wife, you can’t have a peace of mind again.

But on the flip side, it’s good to know that not all polygamous family are violent, some are very peaceful even more than the so called “monogamous family.” A good example of a peaceful polygamous family is the type of a Nigerian actor called Segun Ogungbe

Segun Ogungbe is a very popular actor in the Yoruba movie industry. Despite getting married to two actresses, Omowunmi, and Atinuke, Segun has proved to the world that his house is very peaceful and been a polygamy doesn’t always means conflict.

When Segun Ogungbe was interviewed, he made it known that it’s only God that can bring peace into a man’s house and no other thing, not even money.

He also stressed further that his wives never knew eachother before he got married to them.

See more of their photos below:

It’s not common to find peace in marriages like this, buy Segun happens to be a very lucky man. And his wives are both beautiful and gorgeous!!!!!

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Dear ladies, can you allow your husband marry another wife?