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Dear Ladies, Never Make These Mistakes In Your Next Relationship



We all have made mistakes and we will continue to make them since we are humans, we are not perfect. However, repeating a mistake every now and then shows we are turning into a fool. Today I will be sharing with your the mistakes you all should stop making in relationships. Ladies should not joke with these points..

1. Never let a man have your body without doing the needful. A man should marry you before eating the forbidden fruit. The way men think is different, the moment they eat it for a while, they would want to change the taste. They would then dump you. Why did we even forget our culture? How come what was our pride became a Shame?

2. Stop being an errand girl or house help to the man you are not yet married to. I have heard about ladies who go to their boyfriend’s house, wash his plates, his clothes, clean up despite the boyfriend having two younger brothers who can do that. It is like bringing yourself cheaply. You can cook for him and his brothers. However, doing other chores while they are there is portraying you as something else. Be a classy woman at least!

3. Stop asking for a lot of money from your man. He will think you are after his money. When you pay him a visit, make sure you have your transport fare back with you.

I don’t know why Nigerian girls visit their boyfriend and won’t go with enough transport fare. Prove to him that you are not the type who is after his money.

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