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Another Blow Has Befallen Donald Trump, See What The US Military Will Do If He Is Leaving Office (Details below)



Defense One informs that the Pentagon is indicating that the military will not hold President Donald Trump’ s farewell ceremony, as it has with previous presidents.

In a scathing commentary by Executive Editor Kevin Baron, the outlet, which reports on national security issues, broke the news that Trump won’ t get the typical sendoff:

Below is a detailed statement he made as regards this matter:

“In a break from recent tradition, the Pentagon will not host President Donald Trump’ s Armed Forces Farewell tribute. ”

“It’ s a shame, not a surprise, though. One week after the House voted a second time for his impeachment, two weeks after his supporters staged a deadly siege in the Capitol Building, six months after his Joint Chiefs chairman was dragged into a political firestorm, and four years of nonstop assaults on the truth, Trump will leave office in shame. One of those disgraces is how the U. S. forces he commanded are ghosting him. ”

The White House reported on Wednesday that Vice President Mike Pence ” will deliver remarks to sailors this weekend on the historic foreign policy accomplishments of the Trump Administration at Naval Air Station Lemoore, ” and then to the 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, New York. On Thursday, two senior defense officials reported to Defense One that there is no military farewell scheduled for Donald John Trump.

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Trump is allegedly considering throwing a farewell ceremony for himself that would include military flourishes such as a 21- gun salute.