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Always Be Watchful, After A Man Gave His Car To A Mechanic, See What He Discovered In The Car (Photos below)



In some point in this life, we have to be very close to who is working for us to avoid stories that touch. There are people that will give their property to somebody that will fix it up, but they will turn out stealing things from you instead.

A man in Facebook shared how a mechanic stole something from the car he gave him to fix up for him. The man came online to announce it and also urged others to always stay close to their mechanic when they are fixing their car for them.

According to what I found out, the thing the mechanic stole is a catalytic convertor. When he collected his car from his mechanic, he then realized that the catalytic convertor is missing. And it is said that the thing is very expensive when sold out. There’s no doubt that the mechanic has sold it already.

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