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Aisha Yesufu Tears Into Northerners: ‘They Beg For Everything, But Want To Be Moral Activists’



Aisha Yesufu

Controversial socio-political activist, Aisha Yesufu, has hit back at northerners after some of them criticized her for speaking in support of LGBT rights on Monday.

Yesufu had sparked twitter reactions after she tweeted that Nigerian LGBTs do not need anyone to support their choice of sexuality, saying all they needed was to be given the right to practice their sexuality.

Yesufu, a co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls movement, had also claimed that, “Homosexuality was freely practiced in Nigeria for hundreds of years and I witnessed same sex marriages in the 80s,” adding that, “So calm down, it is not a new discovery.”

The activist had come under heavy criticism from northerners over the statement, some of whom said she should not be associated with Islam as she is “a disgrace” to the religion.

But responding in a series of tweets on Tuesday, Yesufu viciously attacked people from the northern region, saying “It is only when it comes to hypocritical morality that they will become actively present.”

She said: “Money they will beg for. Food they will beg for. Job they will beg for. Marks they will beg for. Merit they will beg to be exempted. Even advocacy they will beg for.”

Yesufu said it was hypocritical for northerners to publicly attack people they deem ‘immoral’, while covering up alleged atrocities being perpetrated in the region.

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She wrote: “Haven’t you wondered why the women there do so much drugs? The pain and defilement and the atrocities they are forced to endure and what “a rufa asiri” has forced them into is driving many crazy and they chose the haze over reality

“You will defile your nieces and nephews, your cousins and step siblings because you know that “a rufa asiri ” will come through for you. Defilement plus incest. The fact that you keep it in house doesn’t make it not to be haram

“You are quick to tell me that my Edo sisters are in Italy doing prostitution while you forget to talk about your brothers and sisters doing prostitution in Saudi Arabia.

“Your hypocrisy on steroids will not have you saying your State Governors should not collect any money gotten from alcohol but your hypocrisy will be supporting your State Govs destroying the businesses of those selling alcohol. Is money from alcohol not haram?

“You will finish abusing homosexual people on social media and cursing them out then behind closed doors you will be with your homosexual partner. Who are you fooling? It is not haram then?

“You will not be questioned about the sexuality of another person but you will be questioned about the 7 year old girl selling groundnut that you lured and defiled and bought the whole tray of her groundnut. Pathetic lots!

“If it is to jump and start shouting haram on other people’s matter you are number one but when you are defiling girls below the age of 5 you forget to shout haram on your head. You rely on “a rufa asiri ” Pathetic lots

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Yesufu further claimed that it was part of northerners’ hypocrisy that ‘#ArewaMeToo’ (a social media hashtag generated to expose sexual violence in the North) was allegedly shut down by people from the region.

She said, “Why do you think #ArewaMetoo was viciously attacked? It was because of the cankerworm that was about to explode. The rot is more rotten than rot

“Pathetic beggars who have ridiculed Islam to the extent people see Islam as religion of begging and poverty and violence are here saying stop practicing “our islam”. Is that Islam?

“Small thing “stop practicing our islam” which Islam do you own? The one that many do not know how to perform ablution or that there is ghusl bath? Or the one where you commit murder in the name of riot? Go get knowledge & practice Islam & leave your “our Islam”

“A rufa asiri” (Lets cover up) These words have been destroying their lives but it is other people’s morality they focus on.

Fathers will be sleeping with their daughters and they will say “a rufa asiri”. Asiri keee you dia!

“Islam is not an heritage religion or an emotion based religion. It is knowledge based. Go focus on getting the knowledge first. Gayyan sodi with neither Islamic nor western knowledge. With a sense of entitlement

“They will be talking Islam and they will be shouting as if they have the patent of Islam. If it is to talk morality they are number one but let it be about practice they are nowhere to be found.”