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After Chelsea Lost 2-0 To Leicester City, Read What Fans Are Saying About Frank Lampard As A Coach (Screenshot below)



Yesterday is indeed a memorable one for Chelsea Football club and Leicester City as both teams came together in an EPL game. Chelsea which was once at the top table of the EPL Standings has now slopped down to 8th position on the table with 29 points in 19 matches now.

This was a worrying situation presently at Chelsea, as the club is going through a tough time to get back in form and take up the challenge to be among the top 4 clubs on the table.

Yesterday however was not the right night to fight for such thing, as Leicester City was able to defeat Chelsea. Leicester city began by scoring 2 goals before the end of the first-half of the match ended.

This awful performance from the team however got many of the fans of the club angry. Chelsea fans on Facebook and some other social media platform were so livid, as they poured out their anger on the tam’s poor display.

In the cause of this, the fan of the club focused most of their attention on the manager of the team , who is Frank Lampard

Below are what the fans are saying/what they want the Coach to do for the club.

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@Stuart Ridley said: “I have supported the blues for many years…. Lampard is a legend but as a manager he is clueless….he has to go now.”

@Sidharth Varma said: I can’t thank Lampard enough for this humiliation. This guy must surrender his job and go back home to his wife and kids. He doesn’t know a thing about game management.”

@Oladeji said: “Lampard is short of ideas, he need to go back to coaching school and re-enroll.”