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3 Years After Peter Allegedly Killed His Nigerian Wife & Her 3-Years-Old Daughter, Where Is He Now? (Photos below)



This ‘White Man’ allegedly killed his Nigerian wife, a Musician, their 3 and half year old daughter, see throwback photos of what happened.

Domestic violence is really bad and has endanger many marriages. Domestic violence is not just a simple crime, it’s a crime that is punishable by the law. Many couples have had different kind of arguments which eventually led to either peaceful settlement but sometimes it usually lead to violence either from the Husband or Wife. Domestic violence should be tackled and take very seriously in our community, Nigeria. It should not be taken with levity but rather taken serious.

This brings me to a great Nigerian artist who was making good music after music, Ali Zainab Nielsen who many called ‘African Beyonce’. She was making great name for herself in the industry signing deal after deal until 2018 when Alizee was murdered with her beautiful daughter, Petra.

Photos of Alizee;

In 2018, Zainab Ali Nielsen, a Nigerian Music artist who is known as Alizee was allegedly killed in cold blood alongside her 3 and half year old daughter by husband, Peter Nielsen who is a White Danish man. Zainab and her daughter was seen without life on the floor of their kitchen in their home in Banana Island on the 5th, April 2018. He was arrested and remanded in Ikoyi Prison.

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Peter Nielsen was arrested following the statement of the victim’s sister of a violence the earlier night before the death of Alizee and her beautiful daughter, Petra. She revealed that she saw her brother-in-law hitting the head of her sister on the floor. Although, the housemaid gave another statement stating that she has never witnessed any violence between the couple but one of the children told her that her madam and husband had a fight during the night and when Peter Nielsen finally came out, he saw bruises on his forehead and hand.

Photos of Peter Nielsen, Alizee and daughter

Alizee’s father revealed that her daughter’s husband is used to battering her and he did it in 2017 beating her to a coma but came to beg for her and promise never to do it again writing an undertaking.

The prosecutor also find a strong evidence on Peter Nielsen, as the blood found on the victim’s cloth matches the blood of Peter which even make him the strong suspect to the murder case. However, nothing has been heard of the case since it was adjourned in october to December 2019 after the Defendant prosecutor call in sick and since that time, nothing has been heard of the case till date.

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It unknown now whether Peter Nielsen has been confirmed to be the killer of Alizee or free of the two count murder charges against him.

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