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23 Years Old Girl Asks Boyfriend To Chase His Sibling Out Of His House, See The Guy’s Reply (See Chat)



Relationship of nowadays is evolving at a fast pace beyond the control of relationship experts as many chose to reel out different rules and regulations to guide their love life.

Many contemporary youths are living like couple even though no marital rite has been fulfilled between their families in recognizing such union.

It’s common these days to see young boys and girls living under the same room as boyfriend and girlfriend living a couple’s life.

Meanwhile, a girl has taken it notch higher by claiming his boyfriend’s house as “theirs” while he advise the boyfriend to chase his sister out for them to have privacy.

See their conversation that has spark reactions online.

From the above conversation, it’s clear that the girl want to claim ownership and right in the guy’s house even though they’re yet married.

What is your take on this?

What would you do if you were the guy?