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Woman Kills & Cook Her 6month Old Baby To Feed Family (Details below)



Villagers of the Badjengo in Pitoa district in Northern Cameroon woke up to very terrible news of a woman whose hunger pangs forced her into cannibalism.

Sources explain that the woman with her two children had been starving for several days with no hope of survival or no one to call on for help. The source explained further that the woman, believed to be in her late thirties killed and cook her 6months old baby to feed herself and her older 2-year-old son, for breakfast.

Frightened by the scandalous scene, the 2-year-old child fled the scene and called on some of the neighbours for help. Seeing the gravity of the development, authorities alerted Security personnel of the horrible incident. The police corded off the scene of the incident and took the woman in to avoid the highly incensed residents from lynching the emotionally distraught woman.

Some eyewitnesses explain that the woman has constantly been begging for food and alms from neigbours. Some of whom helped her, but others just turned her away. They believe too much suffering and thinking must have led to developing some psychological and emotional traumatic complications- leading her to commit such a worrisome act.