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“Umunwanyi Juru everywhere” – Why I Don’t Fall In Love Before Marrying Them – Ned Nwoko Opens Up



Billionaire husband Ned Nwoko gave us a glimpse of how he goes about with his relationship and marriages with women and his main motive behind it..

In a fresh interview, Ned made it known that he married Regina Daniels just three weeks after knowing her. According to him, he doesn’t believe in dating for the person to fall deeply in love before they get married. He opined that all the compatibility and the falling in love happens after the marriage.

He also made it known that his goal is centered on making more children that is why he has a number of wives from different parts of the world. He added that Regina Daniels who is 6th wife already have it in mind that he would be marrying more wives for himself if he wishes to do so.

In the interview he said;

“I don’t believe in dating anybody to marry them, when you Marry them you can fall in love from within the marriage.

“Like my time in the 60’s they were not dating, there were arranged marriage, most girls were expected to be virgins when getting married.

“Before I met Regina I don’t know about her, I don’t watch movies, I never watch movies. I met her the first time when she came to my house with her mother with her siblings, my place in delta is like a tourist place, I liked her and that was it.

“Whether I Marry another wife or not it’s nothing, she (Regina Daniels) knows it can happen (I can Marry another wife), I came from a very polygamous environment, I love children, I want more children. She (Regina Daniels) knows it and my other wives know it, we will see what happens in the future. “Umunwanyi Juru everywhere”(everywhere is filled with women).”

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