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Two Police Officers Run Mad After Arresting A Woman Without Mask (Details below)



Drama was yesterday witnessed in the western regions of Vihiga after two Police Officers Are are said to have gone insane after trying to arrest a woman who didn’t have masks.

According to the reports given by the witnesses or rather locals from vihiga, it was reported that the incident which occurred at around 1000 hrs happened after officers who were doing their daily patrol came across a woman who had no mask.

This was followed by a heated argument where the police questioned the woman on why she didn’t have a face mask and also wanted to know where she was heading, however it was reported she did not let them know that she was taking food to new initiates.

This is said to have been caused by the fact that according to their culture, this kind of thing was not supposed to happen where an outsider was not supposed to know what was going on among a tribe especially when it was related to Initiation.

The police on noticing that she wasn’t complying decided to remand her in their cell and this was when she called one of the elders who was at the time in the village carrying out the ceremony.

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Elders Reaction

The elder is reported to have told her to put the basket which she had in her head and immediately after doing this, it was revealed that these officers immediately went insane and started speaking in languages which couldn’t be understood by anyone after which they even started taking off their clothes.

They were later rushed to the same village by a couple of their colleagues who went to the village to plead with the elder to undo whatever he had done to them.

Kenyans Reactions

This sparked alot of mixed reactions from Kenyans who seemed to have been confused on what was going on in their minds such that they had to stop this woman. With most claiming that they deserved it, others went ahead and stated that this was unnecessary but all in all wished them the best.