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Too Bad: See Nigerian Celebrities Who Dated For Long But Didn’t Get Married



We have seen alot of big names dating each other throughout recent years and some of them at last get hitched yet others simply say a final farewell to one another in view of minor reasons. Well the greater part of these big names truly look so great all together, yet it’s extremely clear and alot of famous people just date each other due to fire, cash or different reasons.

So in the present article will show you folks some rundown of famous people who dated each other for quite a while, however they didn’t get hitched to one another.

Without burning through quite a bit of your time, we should get into the article.

1. Tiwa – savage and wizkid:

The instance of vocalist Tiwa – savage and wizkid is an exceptional one. Well the explanation is on the grounds that Tiwa – savage and wizkid dated for quite a while and they even went to shows together playing out their music to a huge number of fans. Well on account of the manner in which they’re frequently observed together a large number of their fans really believed that one day they will in the end get hitched to one another, yet they didn’t.

2. Regina Daniel and Somadina Adinma.

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Regina Daniels and Actor Somadina really have something going which result to them dating each other for quite a while and a portion of their fans really thought they planned to get hitched to one another in light of the fact that they’re the administrator and most cutest couple ever. Well as all of you realize they separated and Regina Daniel at that point get hitched to another man.

3. Simi and falz.

They have been reports that artist Simi and falz really dated one another yet they didn’t what anyone to know and not even their fans. Well when vocalist Simi was met and inquire as to whether the facts previously demonstrated that she and falz really had something going, the artist just denies it saying that they’re simply companions and that’s it. Well it’s really miserable that they didn’t get hitched to one another on the grounds that they were the official VIP couple.

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