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Terrifying Photos Of People Trying To Smuggle Themselves Into Europe, Some Of Them Almost Lost Their Life



My brothers and my sisters, I quite understand that things are hard in Nigeria and things seem greener and better out there but the financial strength to proceed through the legal processes is not available and the only way you could think of is illegal, my brother, don’t go it, it’s deadly and dangerous. forget about traveling abroad for a better life, so many people live in Nigeria and made it here, in fact, Aliko Dangote made it here not out there. many tried it and survived, so many people didn’t make it through, they drowned.

The search for greener pastures has made many humans embark on dangerous trips in a bad to have a better life in distant places. Even as a few human beings strive hard to offer themselves a higher lifestyle of their country of beginning, others experience that they would be capable of have higher chances of wealth if they journey foreign places.

Visiting Europe is an excellent concept however this is when you have reputable files to move there. If you are deliberating on going to Europe illegally, you might be risking your life.

A few Africans embark on such dangerous journeys by means of going to Libya, from there they could board a boat through the Mediterranean sea until they find a rescue deliver which would take them off the ocean into Italy where they could are looking for safe haven.

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However, the journey isn’t as easy as it sounds. The modern – day and waves of the Mediterranean sea can not continually be expected and occasionally, things do not move exactly as planned. In some cases, the ship/boat boarded by way of humans being smuggled emerge as capsizing and people subsequently lose their lives.

Dear reader, please think twice earlier than issue to Smuggle your self abroad. You could make it to your usa if you put your coronary heart to it.

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