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Tears Flow As 3 Missing Children Found Dead In A Retired Police Officer’s Car Are Buried In Nsukka (Pics)



On Sunday, 22nd November 2020, by 9am, 5 children had set out to fetch water at a compound at Itchi, in Igbo-Eze South LGA, (in Igbo Nsukka) Enugu state. When the they couldn’t return, people went to search for them. Their wheelbarrow and containers were seen in the compound where they went to fetch the water.

The search for the children lasted throughout the night of that Sunday until 3am on Monday when searchers retired, to start the search in the morning. It was in the morning of the Monday, 23rd that these children (below 11 years) were found in a car packed in the same compound where they had gone to fetch the water. 3 of the 5 children had died, while the remaining 2 were very weak. The police was alerted immediately, who took the dead bodies and the surviving ones. It was transferred to Enugu state police headquarters and to Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Enugu police command for investigation.
Till today, no official report from the Enugu state police command on the outcome of their investigation. The dead bodies of the kids have been released for burial which took place today, Wednesday, 2nd December, and that’s the end of the innocent children.

These kids belong to the society, the church, the traditional authorities, the police and the state.

Perhaps, the traditional authorities, individuals of the affected communities (Nkalagu-Obukpa and Itchi), the church, the Igbo-Eze South LGA authorities might have done their best to see that the cause of the death of these kids was unraveled, but I still believe they need to do more. If this had happened to counselors of the local government, or priests of the church, or to a traditional ruler (Igwe) or affluent individuals of the society, there would have been serious investigation to the case. That’s when you would understand how powerful the church is. They would send lawyers and barristers, brigadiers, etc. and the truth would be revealed. But maybe because the police had been invited (or informed), no much action was taken by the church, individuals, local government authorities, traditional authorities, etc. It has just happened to poor families, and it ended like this. Who knows who it would happen to tomorrow?

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The Enugu state police command has failed her citizens. The Commissioner of Police, Enugu state should resign and apologize to the public for incompetency. Such a case was reported to you immediately and you released the bodies for burial? No autopsy? No investigation? Or why has there not been an official report from the police on their findings before these kids were released for burial? Does the burial mean that the case is over? If that is the case, then the Enugu state police command and the government of Enugu state have failed completely. And tomorrow, one person will come out and shout “Enugu is in the hands of God”. Meaning? When kids were found dead in your state and nothing was done about it?
I weep for my country, Nigeria.

This kind of thing can’t happen in the western world and the case ends just like that. Never!
Rumour has it that one of the surviving kids by name Eze Mmasichukwu (11 years old) a girl, confessed to have taken the kids inside the car and killed them. She was said to be possessed. (Her Picture is in the post). Can you imagine? An 11 yrs old girl, took 4 other kids into a car, and lucked themselves inside the car and 3 suffocated to death, even the girl too would have died? If those children were in the car all the period the people were searching for them, why didn’t they see them inside the car even though the car was packed there? The incompetency of our police is too open. If it’s to stay on the road and collect money from road users, they will show their mastery in the job.
The picture of the small boy by name KINGSLEY is among the surviving kids, and the second picture of a girl by name EZE MMASICHUKWU was also a surviving Child.

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I still believe the truth behind the death of those children hasn’t been told, or is kept as a secret because some prominent individuals are involved. The police should get up and go into more investigation.

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