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Stop Killing Snake Lizards, They Are Not Dangerous! ! See What They Can Do For You



When I was a child, one of the scariest creature to me was the ‘snake lizard. ‘ I always ran when I saw one in my backyard.

This was because I thought this creature was dangerous to human beings. I also thought it carried poisonous substances. However, I was wrong.

I was wrong about everything!

First of all, the name of this creature is not “Snake Lizard. ” They are actually called Skinks.

*Skinks not Snake Lizards

Secondly, Skinks are not dangerous at all. Although, they can bite but their bites can cause no harm at all.

I am sure that most of you(my readers) must have come across this creature. Well, if you were like the little me who was scared of this creature, then worry no more!

Another great fact about Skinks is that they are really great reptile pets. This is because they can help in killing household insects in the home.

Isn’t that great? !

Also, these reptiles do not possess any disease in their body, meaning that if you were to touch and play with them you would not contact any form of infection.

These things are just so harmless, yet most people take them to be dangerous.

Lastly, Did you know that Skinks are capable of killing baby snakes?

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Am sure you didn’t know that. With these creatures in your environment, then there are low chances of snakes being in your environment.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had this great reptile in your home?

Below are more photos of skinks:

As you can see, this reptile is also very cute and you can use it as your home, or even, work pet. It would be a nice idea.

Have you ever had any experience with skinks?

Kindly drop your experience in the comment section.

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