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SHOCKING: Househelp Caught On Camera Mercilessly Abusing Little Boy (VIDEO)



Another case of a nanny from hell caught on camera doing her dirty deeds has left Kenyans in shock and disbelief.

When Mary Wanjiru from Ngong’ in Kajiado County suspected that something sinister was happening to her child, Leon Gicheha Theuri, she resolved to install a surveillance camera in the house.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the nanny was caught mistreating the young boy.

The shocking footage shows a young Leon falling on his head from a couch as he attempts to catch the nanny’s attention.

The househelp is then seen coming from the kitchen, picks up Leon and instead of soothing his pain away, she inflicts more pain amidst scolding.

She is further seen feeding on the boy’s food and spending most her time watching TV.

The maid has since been fired by Leon’s parents. They however did not take any legal action against her and shared the video with local media to create awareness and hopefully save another kid.

“We paid her all the money we owed her and did not take any action against her. We didn’t even report to the police…but now I want to save another kid,” Mrs Wanjiru was quoted.

In a similar story, a police officer in Mombasa is the latest victim of house help drama after she caught the house help breastfeeding her four-month old baby.

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The police officer said that she arrived home from work to be greeted by the sight of her house help seated on the couch with the baby on her laps, latched to a bare breast.

On seeing her boss, the house help, who has been employed for five months, quickly placed the baby on the seat and stood up in shock.

When questioned why she was breastfeeding the baby, the house help got defensive, claiming that it was not her intention.

The police officer, who is a corporal, quickly called in a neighbour who also tried inquiring from the house help about her actions. The house help only kept apologising.

“Until now she has not given any explanation as to why she did it and is not giving us details of whether she has in the past breastfed my baby,” said the baby’s mother, who recorded a statement at Changamwe Police Station.

“The house help is still in my house as we wait for tests to be done on her and my baby to determine any risks,” she said.

See Video below :