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SHOCKING: After Killing A Bandit, See What The Nigerian Army Found Inside His Bag (Details below)



Basically, Bandits are robbers that operate majorly in some northern parts of this country. They used to carry out other terrible operations from various proportions apart to robbery, like cattle rustling, kidnapping and even killings of Innocent victims.

These armed bandits are becoming a major threat to the security of the country, and it’s citizens. Like just recently, you might have come across the news of bandits kidnapping over 300 schoolboys in Katsina State. But thankfully, the victims were rescued successful by the gallant men of the Nigerian forces.

In response to the increasing threats from these armed bandits across the country, the Nigerian Army has been carrying out some number of air strikes and ground operations to combat, capture and even kill the relentless ones among the bandits.

And not long ago, an armed bandit was fortunately killed in Zamfara state, the northern part of the country, together with other criminals who were also apprehended by the Nigerian Army.

Here are the items that the armed bandit possesses after being neutralized by the Nigerian Army:

1. An AK – 47 rifle

2. Bullets

3. Naira notes (N50, N100, N200)

4. Wallet

5. Something that looked like a cream

6. Drugs

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This update was revealed by the Nigerian Army itself on their official Twitter account, and some Nigerians who came across the post reacted to the items that were found in the bag of the killed bandit.

However, many people’s concern was particularly to the gun that was found in the possession of the bandit, and the presumptuous question that will be lurking in the hearts of most Nigerians is, how does these bandits managed to possess the guns and rifles they used to carry out their abominable operations with?

I think that if the government and security personnel can put in more efforts to confront the sources from which these heartless bandits get their weapons from, we would have solved more than half of the problem of banditry in the country at large.

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