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See What Was Printed On The Bags Of Rice Desmond Elliot Gave To Widows That Got People Talking (Photos below)



Desmond Eliot is a Nollywood actor, director, and politician who has found a way of moving into politics. He is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly representing Surulere. Before his advent into the world of politics, he was a hero to many in Nigeria because of his achievements with Nollywood.

Very recently, he found himself on the bad side of Nigerians on social media. This occurred when he spoke about support for a social media bill and referred to Nigerian youths on social media as kids. This angered the youths who gave him a piece of their mind on social media.

It would seem that he is still in the bad books of Nigerians if what happened a few hours ago is anything to go by. He had earlier posted photos of him giving food to widows in Surulere constituency.

He remarked that his intentions for sharing this food items is to ensure that the widows who lost their husbands in one circumstance or the other can celebrate in this festive period despite the recent hardship in the country. According to him, it was a personal contribution from him to help these women during these times of hardship.

This looked like a good act that would have been commended by Nigerians on social media but that did not prove to be the case. People instead focused on the negative side and accused him of showing off. This was primarily because he had printer his face on the bags of rice distributed to the widows.

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In reacting some told him that he was blowing a trumpet while giving a gift, others saw it unnecessary to post about a goof deed and some even accused him of distributing stolen items.

Do you think that he was right to flaunt these pictures of him doing these good deeds or should he have kept them to himself. Were people wrong to drag him for doing such a benevolent deed?

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