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See What This Lady Did To Her Sales Girl For Stealing Over One Million Naira Within Two Months



In life, don’t stress yourself to please or treat someone special because in the end, you might end up regretting. Humans can be ungrateful and uncontempted, making it difficult to trust. Ladies should learn to cut their clothe according to their clothe and stop living a fake life just to impress. Sometimes when they can’t keep up financially, they end up stealing or getting money through any means just to slay.

A video has gone viral online and it’s about what a woman did after she discovered that her sales girl stole over a million naira just within two months. She and her friends can be seen in the video trashing her but didn’t beat her. The lady revealed that she recently gave her N100k, two hairs and bags for dash just to up her status but unfortunately, she messed up by betraying her madam who treated her like a sister.

She recorded the video and that alone is enough punishment because her face is all over the net. She also asked her to empty her account and transfer the money to her. See video of what happened below.

This video has gone viral on Instagram and many users reacted on this video expressing their thoughts on the girls action and what her madam did. Some users reacted saying that people can never be satisfied, as a matter of fact, those who you help the most are ungrateful and tends to pay back with evil.

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Some users said that they should have beaten her up, while the rest said that it’s true that the girl did something wrong but video recording her and posting it is wrong too. They said so because this alone would tarnish the girl’s image for life and could lead to frustration, depression and even suicide.

See some screenshots of the comments and reactions below: