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See What People Did For A Woman Who Jumped Fence To Steal A Bag Of Rice From Couple (Details below)



Really they are many people living in hunger and starvation, each day is always a struggle for them to feed their children and family and they will do anything to see that their family do not go hungry.

The love of the season is making many people to do certain things, to kidnap, to steal, and to do many things. Many people who involve themselves in these ugly act sometimes couldn’t help the situation and predicaments they are facing.

That’s why is always good to remember, the fatherless, motherless, widows, orphans and the helper less, this season should be used to put smiles on their faces, while you drink, wine and dine, remember they are people who haven’t seen a morning meal, nor even wish for the evening.

While you buy gift items, clothes and shoes for people and you’re children, remember that they are people who doesn’t even have a slippers or sandal to wear. We should care for less privilege. Use this period of celebrating Christ to celebrate them and show them love and care.

And truly our kindness and good gesture will never be forgotten in a hurry.

A woman who jumped fence to steal a bag of rice from a couple who went out was caught by neighbor that were around, but instead of killing her or setting her ablaze, people that saw the poor woman decided to contribute money for her to use and buy Christmas stuff.

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This shows that they are still some many good people in Nigerian, and is always good to be good, despite the fact that she went stealing they couldn’t hurt her but help her out in her bad situation.

That’s the kind of Nigeria we want, a Nigeria where citizens can help each other, a Nigeria where we can cater for one another.

Where a thief will be empower and enlighten, where people can be taken care of.

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