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See What He Did When Attacked By Herd Of Elephants



Elephants are very huge mammalian wild animal, they are the largest exist land animal ever discovered. We as human being see for the first can lead to shock or definitely shock because of their size.

Haven’t elephant before? Elephant can be found at Sub – sahara Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, they can also be found in different habitats, like savannas, forests, deserts, and marshes. Elephant can be found at all these listed regions above, if you have to go for tourism.

Our main topic is the encounter of a Thai man and herd of elephants. In Thailand, this Thai man was caught riding his motorcycle on an express within a forest, unfortunately this Thai man was attacked by this herd of elephants, what a great shock!

Luckily, the man gathered courage to hump off on his motorcycle to escape from those elephants, but before he realised he was surrounded by the herd of elephants.

This man legs could not help him in running instead, held him down as he shakes in fear because he is very nervous. While at the front of the elephant nervously, he quickly bow down, and apologized to the elephants with a ‘wai'(traditional gesture). I guess maybe the elephants also understand the way of pleading in Thailand.

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Fortunately, the herd of the elephants left the man unarmed, and he survived. This man was among one the fortunate few that came across elephant(s) face – to – face, and survived unscathed, while many cars that encounter then have been damaged and some curious ones who came out of the vehicles to snap pictures were killed.

What did you think about this man, is it his humble behavior that save him from the elephants attack or the elephants just wish to reserve his life? . Let us know via the comment box and follow. Thanks.