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See What A Lady Wore To Church That Made The Pastor To Send Her Out



Immorality and indecent dressing is now the order of the day, as this increase daily in our society, we battle it hardly but there there is no changes still.

Most people in our society now expecially the ladies dress carelessly in a way that can harm our society. Most of these ladies are either students in the university or maidens of middle age.

Religious beliefs

A church is a place where God’s own people who believe in the name ‘Jesus Christ’, meet to pray and prise their heavenly father. Although the body is the church according to what the Bible says, but now the building is regarded as the church, maybe that is one of the reasons why some people fell they could do anything to their body. But they need to know that the building is not the church but the body.

For Example, look at the picture of this lady that was captured that got alot of people talking in the church, this lady wore this clothe into the church yesterday while the service is still going on, but to my surprise the pastor approached her and tell her to go back home and come in a better dress.

The pastor said “listen to me young lady, go back home put on a cloth that will God’s glory and come back to church”.

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The Lady stood up and walk out after the Pastor said this, and within 20 to 25 minutes she came back in a decent dress.

Note: am very sure she will never wear any indecent clothes to the church again.

Lesson to learn

¶ You must teach yourself how to dress decently no mater where you are going to.

¶ Don’t be reluctant to correct anyone whenever they are going astray.

¶ Don’t fell embarrassed when you are being corrected to do the right thing.

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