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See The Nigerian Lady With The Biggest Watermelon In The World (Photos below)



A Nigerian woman who is set to take over from American woman Annie Hawkins who broke the World records for the biggest natural breasts has just been discovered.

Meet Laberry, a well endowed Nigerian woman who has become an internet sensation.

Her Instagram profile is gradually becoming the most visited by curious male fans from all over the world who took pleasure in starring at her gigantic frontal asset.

Though sleeping may be a struggle, Laberry is not complaining as her big chest has become a blessing as men interested in tasting from the source are flooding her page with requests from all over the world.

She stated that many men in the world admire of her big size watermelon, any time she uploaded a picture of her on histogram and on twitter.

She also let us know that when she was at young age she feels so ashamed of her self due to the size of her watermelon, but now she felts so proud of it, are

See photos below :