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See The Hausa Lady Who Said Women Shouldn’t Marry Hausa Men Because Of This (Reasons Below)



The Hausa traditional marriage is a traditional marriage based on Islamic rites, and it is totally different from the traditional wedding of other tribes in Nigeria.

It is not time consuming or expensive like the Igbo and Yoruba traditional marriage ceremonies.

The Hausa tribe mainly reside in the northern part of Nigeria and are predominantly Muslims with very few Christians.

However, reactions have trailed a statement from an Hausa lady who advised saying, “If you want to have marital peace, don’t marry a Hausa man.”

The Hausa lady is known by her Twitter name @Mareeyarhh, and she is better known as Queen of the North.

Her picture below has since gone viral after she gave the advice through her official Twitter handle.

This has caused controversy on Social media, after she advised fellow ladies to avoid getting married to Hausa men, especially those from Kano State.

The lady went further to make a thread and continued, ” I repeat avoid Hausa men from Kano.

Her Tweets have generated reactions on Twitter as comments trailed her post. A Twitter user,@ Babangeeda said, “This is not right, just because one Hausa man wronged you,that shouldn’t be a yardstick to judge the whole of Hausa men. Stop generalizing people for one mistake.”

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Another Twitter user said, @Abu_ Hannneef also said, “Hausa men are the best you can have out there. But it’s Okay to think otherwise today. ”

See many reactions below:

What’s your opinion on the lady’s advice? Could she be right? Are Hausa men really bad with their women? What could make her say this?

If you have any experience with Hausa men, please don’t fail to share with us below the comment section of this page so that we can all learn our lessons.

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