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See Photos From The Food Cubana Chief Priest’s Wife Cooked For Davido And Her Husband



His Club Xhrine was launched in this month, December 2020, and also hosts the biggest show ever in Owerri.

It is believed that Davido and some of his friends visited Cubana Chief Priest, and his lovely wife took to her official Instagram handle to post multiple pictures of the meal she prepared for Davido and her husband.

The wife of Cubana Chief Priest stated that it is always a pleasure to have 30 BG members around, then she went to reveal that Davido loves her meal.

Cubana Chief Priest’s wife also shared a lot of photos of the meal she prepared for both her husband and Davido, and it can be seen from the pictures that the meal which she prepared looks attractive and will surely be delicious.

See some pictures of the meal below:

After sharing many pictures of the meal which she made for Davido and Cubana Chief Priest, She added a caption to her post which reads, “The best of the best, Davido loves my meal. It is always a pleasure having 30BG around. ”

See the screenshot of her post below from her Instagram handle.

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