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See Photo Of A Couple’s Traditional Marriage That Has Got People Talking (Details below)



No doubts, one of the most important and memorable day and experience one would never forget in an hurry, is one’s wedding ceremony.

Even though both partners often look forward to the day, however, ladies tends to get more excited about the wonderful event the most.

Besides, the excitement and joy that usually decorates such day both on the side of the couple and guests is inestimable.

However, a couple has got everyone talking, after their traditional marriage photo surfaced on the internet.

According to the picture which has caused a lot of reactions on the social media, both partners were seen kneeling down, most likely as part of the weeding rites.

However, although the face of the wife appears to look like a one lost in deep thoughts, the husband’s facial expression in particular has raised more questions.

Aside the evident observation that the husband was looking away from what was being done, he also seems utterly dissapionted, unhappy and dejected.

The husband could also be seen folding his arms instead of holding hands together with her beautiful lovely wife.

Consequently, many Nigerians who reacted to the development, have continued to wonder what could possibly be the reason for the expression of both the husband and wife, as they both seems unhappy, even though they are both gorgeously dressed.

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While some argued that the husband and wife’s facial expression might be as a result of being extremely tired, while others said that there might be more to it.

Similarly, in your thoughts, what do you think could be possibly wrong with the couple, and the man in particular?