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See How This Beautiful Infant Faces Were Disfigured With Tribal Marks In The Name Of Tradition (Photos below)



Africans, Nigerians inclusive are known for their many traditions and cultural believes that are often held in high esteem and most times not willing to let go because of civilization, westernization or any other reason.

Even though you will agree with me that Westernization and enlightenment in the 21st century has helped to abolish some traditional practices that seem not to have any progressive impact in the lives of people.

Nigeria is believed to be a very unique country where it has millions of people with different tribes, in those days, these tribes give unique tribal marks on faces to identify themselves. These tribal marks are said to be for the purpose of both beautification and identification.

Earlier today two photos surfaced on social media where the faces of infant children were disfigured with tribal marks in the name of tradition.

A lot of people were angry and worried about what they saw as many described it as an act of cruelty and nothing more.

Check out the photos below:

One annoying part of this practice is that this tribal marks given to this infants is done without their consent, simply because they are ignorant of what is happening.

When they finally grow up and begin to mingle with people and their peers, there is every tendency that they will begin to feel very uncomfortable, different, angry and wonder why their parents gave them such a marks in the first place.

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If you were to be the father of any of these babies and let’s say; you went out for work and on returning, you find out that your mother or wife has done this to your child as tribal mark, what will you do?

Are you in support of tribal marks?

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