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See Current Condition Of The 30 Years Old Lady Who Removed Her 6 Ribs [Photos]



See current circumstances of the old woman who took her 6 Ribs [Pictures] The 30 years old woman

Many women today want the best shape ever in the social world.

They are now to undergo various kinds of plastic activity, which will then adversely affect them.

What is a plastic surgery?

Plastic procedure is a specialty of medicine involving the reconstruction, rebuilding or modification of the human body. It can be divided into two major categories: reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive procedure requires craniofacial involvement, hand procedures, microchirurgic and burn care

Pixee tried here and she managed to transform herself into her ideal form. In 2017, she erased her SIX RIBS.

She spent over £80 000 on 17 separate surgeries, including £6, 000 rib removal, four boob jobs, a Brazilian stick – lift, and labioplasty, Pixee Fox is her real name.

According to reports she said, her primary goal was to have a waist of 14inches and look like Jessica Rabbit. Pixee says that her dream always was that her cartoon heroine would look like.

Like a ‘Living Cartoon, ‘ now she has her life goal done. Over 200 plastic chirurgies to look.

She underwent her first operation in 2010 when her eyelids, nose and breasts were done.

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Below are her photos, even with the pains she kept going during her painful operations.

Many say she’s a courageous and ambitious woman who wants her target, regardless of the odds.

As for Pixee Fox, how do you think?

Is it the right thing that she does?

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