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See 5 Weirdest And Funniest Competitions In The World (Details below)



Imagine a competition where you will be stung by bees before you can win or eat hot pepper interesting right? Please click on the follow button before you proceed to the body of this article

Let’s take you through some of the most bizarre competitions across the world. . .

(5) Toe Wrestling Championship:

We have heard of wrestling and boxing but what’s toe wrestling championship all about; according to those who have witnessed the competition, it’s a sport similar arm to wrestling but in this one, you have to go toe to toe. Experts say “Toe wrestling requires more skill than strength” which means you don’t need a big toe to win.

(4) Beard & Moustache Championship:

Some culture believe a man’s pride is his beard and moustache but somewhere in Europe men grow beard and moustache for (W B M A)the world beard and moustache association. Only men with lengthy and healthy beard and moustache wins the competition. . .

(3) Baby Crying Competition:

Here is another weird competition; we all know infants cry when they are frightened or displeased and we try our best to calm them down but right here in Tokyo, Japan, people make their infants cry; dont get me wrong and not like they are terrible parents too, But there is a festival known as the ‘Naki Sumo’ where the baby with the loudest voice wins a prize and its revealed this festival has been going on for over a century

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(2)Bee Wearing Competition:

It might be dangerous to you, but to those who partake in this competition it’s worth it for a gigantic prize e. g gold. This competition is held in China every year; it’s also revealed this Bee wearing competition is part of china’s annual tradition where a lot of people participate to show their bravery. . . The competitors needs to bare the bee for an hour on their body and after that, they stand on a weighing scale to measure the weight of the bees and afterwards they get their prize

(1) Chili eating contest:

For me, this contest is the most dreadful of all the contest have seen; you eat hot pepper until it becomes unendurable. The contestants starts with palatable pepper before proceeding through the rounds. The higher and loftier the rounds the higher the pepper, sometimes they take a spoonful of hot sauce in intervals. . I most tell you this contest is only for the fittest

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