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Remember African Queen By 2face In 2004, See Recent Pictures Of The Lady In The Video (Photos below)



Nigerian famous celebrity 2Baba, made his early waves in the year 2004 when he released the song and video titled, “African Queen. ”

2Baba produced a breathtaking music that has lived on for many years till today despite the fact that almost 16 years have already passed since the song was produced.

“African Queen” was the music that gave 2Baba who was formerly known as 2face the breakthrough he wanted in the Nigerian music industry.

The music attracted the whole world in a way that it was used for the film Phat Girlz, an international movie, and has been repeatedly used as soundtracks in many Nigerian movies, adverts, jingles, ringing tones, and many more sound classes.

This gave 2Baba an international recognition that sprouted his career up till date, and has made him one of the biggest Nigerian musicians of all time.

No doubt, the music is still being played everyday in most homes across the country.

Notwithstanding, the video production of the music was also phenomenal as it featured the most prettiest ladies back then in the year 2004.

The video featured Annie, who is currently married to 2Baba, and two other beautiful ladies that are now prominent women in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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One of those ladies that featured with Annie Idibia in that video is Yvonne Jegede, Nollywood actress.

Many of us may not know that Yvonne was the lady behind the African queens in the “African Queen” Video by 2Baba in 2004.

For me, i was surprised as well, becauee I didn’t know until after i made research and discovered that truly, Yvonne is truly an African Queen, and that she deserved the spot she had in that video in 2004.

Yvonne is now an actress, who always look beautiful in her dark – skinned tone, and has acted many wonderful Nollywood movies with many awards under her belt. See her recent photos as you read through this article.

What’s your opinion? Is she not an African Queen? When did you know that Yvonne was the lady in that video? Look at the first picture in this article and confirm it if you doubt.