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“Reduce The Use Of Filters Biko” – Rudeboy Pleads With Female Friends



Rudeboy has taken to social media to plead with his female friends to reduce the use of filters..

The popular Nigerian singer and songwriter took to his page and begged her female friends to reduce the excessive use of Snapchat filters, which totally changes the faces of its users.

According to Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, of the defunct P-Square, some of the women dive into his DM to complain to him and question him on why he keeps ignoring them. He stressed that the filters do not allow him to recognize them. Therefore, they should reduce the use of the filters so that he can easily recognize them.

“Pls be reducing the use of filters biko don’t come to my Dm and start saying that I didn’t even recognise you when you said hi how naw ? Am i a magician ? anyways the deference was clear but pls be reducing filter biko to avoid further wahala,” he wrote.