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Reasons Why Edward Modrake Commited Suicide (Details below)



Edward Modrake was born like any other kid. He was all normal except for his head. He had two faces. One on the front and the other at the back. This was a huge surprise to many, in the negative. They felt sorry for him. He didn’t look like other people and this was definitely going to tear him apart one time.

When he grew a bit older, he started experiencing his worst nightmare. His back face was more like just someone else. It was as if he was two people. The face would whisper bad things to him and this tormented him. He started getting worried. He hated to be alone because the face would whisper to him. He felt threatened. He hated himself and one time, the least expected happened.

He had had enough and decided to take his own life. He committed suicide and this is where his calm came from. He was tired of the torture and the mental turmoils. Many people around him never really took it seriously when he said he was having difficulties when alone. They thought he was joking and that all would just be well. Modrake was looked at as a cursed person. He was not like everyone else. He was different and this is what made him question more. He never came to terms with being who he was and every time he hated himself more.

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His parents and close family people were shocked when he was found dead. He had taken his life and this was a huge blow to all of them. Most of them regretted never listening to him. They wished there was more time to talk to him and help him get convinced that he was just fine. This was al lesson welk learned.

Even so, Edward was gone and gone for good. His skull remains one of the things that amaze people across the world. It was a special one because it is not everyday that people get such wonderful stories. The skull clearly shows two sides. It is one of a kind. People travell long distances just to set their eyes on this skull.