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Photographs Have Arisen Indicating The New Security Outfit Dispatched By IPOB Pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu.



Photographs have arisen indicating the new security outfit dispatched by IPOB pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu.

A security outfit to ensure the Southern district has been dispatched by the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The head of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made the declaration through his Facebook page and called the gathering, the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

As indicated by Kanu, during a live Facebook post, ESN was set up to guard the individuals of the Eastern Region from psychological oppressors and scoundrels purportedly assembling from the North.

“Disclosing the Eastern Security Network. This Is our response to weakness and Fulani psychological warfare, ” Kano composed on Facebook.

The IPOB pioneer, in another Facebook broadcast checked by SaharaReporters, reprimanded the South East and South – South lead representatives for the upsurge of killings by outlaws and herders in ‘Igboland’.

In the video, in excess of 500 youngsters in an undisclosed area were on procession.

They were decked in a dark uniform with red and green beret.

“Gbosa (salute) for our chief (Kanu); it is difficult to assemble a military like this, ” one of them said in the video.

IPOB has been assigned as a fear monger bunch by the Federal Government. An Abuja Federal High Court judgment had likewise asserted its prohibition as a fear based oppressor association.

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IPOB had kicked against the judgment, saying it was distinctly in Nigeria that an innocuous association could be pronounced as psychological oppressor and banished.

Kanu, in the new video which is presently moving via online media, stated, “We will report our readiness to shield our property of Biafra, hanging tight for a long time for our lead representatives in our territory, the whole South – East and South – South to do what their partners in Yoruba land did and even what the psychological militant Meyetti Allah figured out how to do which our lead representatives have neglected to do work this very day.

“We have chosen to willingly volunteer to shield the place where there is Biafra; we are resolved and unflinching and we won’t stop until we kill each hint of Fulani illegal intimidation in our middle.

“For quite a long time, our moms have not had the option to go to the ranches, our girls are being assaulted and cut into pieces. Everyone knows about what unfolded at Nimbo, at Ozokwani, and what’s going on right now in Delta, what’s going on in Ebonyi State and what’s going on in certain pieces of Abia. We can’t permit it to proceed. This current age of IPOB won’t endure it; we will preferably kick the bucket over to permit the ‘ally of APC’ fear based oppressors assume control over our territories.

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“Our trespassers, we were being told, come from the Gambia, we were being told they come from Mali, some from the Niger Republic, some are from Chad as per the Governor of Kaduna State, El – Rufai. In this manner, we are setting up the Eastern Security Network to battle the abundances of these drifters and hoodlums. We will guard our properties from the assault of the Fulani. “