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Painful Story Of 600 Pounds Overweight Mother Abandoned By Husband After Suffering Trauma (Video below)



Her past life led to trauma and other diseases like diabetes, asthma.
She lived with her aunt and during the war her aunt was cut into 4 pieces but she was also cut but survived but her body is full of scars. She was treated using herbs but after sometime she visited the hospital and the doctors told her that having that weight was caused by psychological shock she had.

She said that she was not that big but she suffered trauma and shock from related past she experienced that made her to be taken to a mental hospital and given treatment then her body started getting big.

She had her first born child with her husband but died later they got another one. When the husband saw her getting sick he told her that she was going wild and mad and he cannot continue leaving with her and opted to leave her and the baby.

She has been given an eviction notice where she lives and has no where to go. She cannot do any work due to her weight and neighbours always come and help with the chores.

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