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Painful And Sad Story Of Grandmother Born Without Face, Nose, Eyes And Breathes Through Mouth (Video below)



We are born in the image and likeness of the Almighty God and in His eyes we are all equally beautiful.

Today i bring you a story of a woman who has no face, no eyes, no nose and breathes from the mouth and. Her goes by the name Amina.

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She was born a year before the second world war and was born that way. However, her parents tried everything to help as tumors grew covering her face. People always called her a beast and would run away from her.

When she went to be baptised the priest was so terrified. Amina has lived a terrible life since since birth till now and has a hearing problem.

Amina eats when God provides her with food when does stays hungry sometimes. She was surprised when she was married as she always knew no one would ask her for a hand in marriage due to her condition.

When she got married she was thought it was not real and said that her husband came from heaven. She was married at 30 years and the two were blessed with two children. But due to misunderstanding they parted ways with her husband.

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But in her 70s she got a terrible disease that she said she went to hell and God brought her back to life. She is a muslim and believes in Allah. She loves praying and follows all the guidelines of the Muslim. She does not see as she always falls or takes a wrong turn. She always has high blood pressure. She spends days without food and when she finds food she often eats soft food.

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