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Nine Years After Undergoing Surgery To Be A Model, Take A Look At Her Pictures below



The advent of technology has changed the way people think, interact, and do their work. Mobile phones and the internet has made the whole world look like a model.

Roads and modern house designs have changed our perception of beauty. The world of beauty and fashion has not to be left behind as there are new ways and styles of artificial beauty.

Natural beauty appears to be losing ground as many people have resorted to the use of perfumes, cosmetics, and surgery to look attractive. This is against the teachings of the Bible and Quaran as they advocate for people to love themselves the way God made them.

Shyngle removed her ribs so that he can look like a model. This is the most extreme surgery that can cause death to you if you try out. The lady shocked the whole world and below are her current photos.

See the pictures below;

I would like you to share your opinion of our modern lifestyle and in the olden time

which one we consider as a better life?

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