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Nigeria And Ghana, See How Their Military Force Looks Like (Photos below)



The military forces are personnel or unit that protect a nation or a state from external or internal conflict. Almost every nation in the globe, has a military force that will protect the country and the lives and property in the Nation. Down to Africa, though Africa is a developing continent, most of the countries in the continent has a military force. Today we will be seeing two Africa countries, with their military force.

1. Ghana Military Forces

Ghana is located in Western Africa, sharing boundary in the South with the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of Ghana is, Accra. The Ghana military force is considered as, Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), and the unit consists of Ghana army, navy and air force.

Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) was founded in 1957, with headquarter in Accra, Greater Accra. Commander in Chief, is the president,

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, the Minister of Defence is Honourable Dominic Nitiwul, while the Chief of the Defence Staff is

Lt. General Obed Boamah Akwa. GAF official military age is 16 to 30, as of 2013, with an active personnel of 15, 500 participants

Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) involved in many battles, both home and abroad, they include; Congo ONUC (1960 – 1964), Lebanese Civil War (1975 – 1990), Rwandan Civil War (1990 – 1994), Rwandan genocide (1994), Sierra Leone Civil War (1991 – 2002), First Ivorian Civil War (2002 – 2007), Nepalese Civil War (1996 – 2006), and many more.

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2. Nigeria Military Forces

The giant of Africa, Nigeria is a western Africa nation, which has it capital city in Abuja. The Nigeria military forces is known as Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF), consisting of the army, navy and the air force

Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) was founded in 1960, after Nigeria independence. Nigeria Armed Forces headquarter is fixed in Abuja, Nigeria. Commander in Chief is President Muhammadu Buhari, the Defence Minister is Bashir Salihi Magashi, while the Chief of Defence Staff is General Abayomi Olonisakin. NAF have active personnel of 310, 900 and reserve personnel of 89, 000.

Yearly NAF, spend a total expenditure of $2. 152 billion (₦429 billion). The Force have participated in the following combat; Nigerian Civil War, Nigeria Cameroon border conflict, Chadian Nigerian War, First Liberian Civil War, Second Liberian Civil War, Sierra Leone Civil War, Conflict in the Niger Delta, Boko Haram insurgency and so on.

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