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My Step Father Gives Me Something That My Boyfriends Fails to Give Me (Details below)



The reason why I’m In Love with My Step Father it is because he Gives me what my Boyfriend fails to give me.

I’m Angelina and I’m 28 years old,I’m dating a boyfriend who is 3 years older than me.I stay with my mother and my Step mother does not have all this particular that I I have she is totally different,I normally enjoy being free in the house and wearing the way I like.I saw not careful about my attire all along because there was no problem at all.

Things started to be tense when my father started looking at me in what that I’m not comfortable,and that time I was wearing a see through mother was not around and my Father clearly confessed to me that he can give me whatever I want.I love money and my father has a lot of it but he was not giving me the amount I want everytime I asked him.

My boyfriend is not giving me money and yet he is working,all that he wan is a man’s thing,I made a deal with my Step father to give me the amount that I want I will give him what he want,we sealed the deal and our deal had been going on for two years now.

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I am I wrong, it I am what should I do?