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My Husband almost to Beat me to Death, Because I Spent a Night in My Ex Boyfriend House (Details below)



My Husband almost to Beat me to Death, Because I Spent a Night in My Ex Boyfriend House.

The issues arising from a relationship is sometimes complicated if Proper care is not taken it might leads to devour, men are very jealous especially in marriage, some don’t want to see their wife close to another man for any reason be it.

What they fail to remember is that most women once have a boyfriend as a result of one problem or the other the relationship eventually truncated and they both went Their separate way and fortunately for the Woman he met another man and they got married, that same boy he broke up with might be in a relationship and both of them will settle Their differences despite not in a relationship again.

However, there is a fictional story of a woman who got beaten by her husband because she spent the night in her Ex-Boyfriend’s House due to some circumstances.

The Woman travel to another state for a meeting unfortunately it was raining and there was not place for her to past the night, while trying to sort out way to get back how her Ex-Boyfriend came across her with his car and he assisted her by letting her to spend the night in his house and First thing tomorrow morning she will Leave back to his state.

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For the period of staying with the man nothing happened because the woman Slept in the sitting while her Ex-Boyfriend slept in his room.

To cut the story short, when the woman get home she told her husband about What happens and his Husband provoked and started beating the woman.

Do you think the action of her husband is justifiable knowing very well nothing happened between the woman and her Ex-Boyfriend?