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My Brother Invited Me To His Room After I Told Him That I’m Afraid, This Is What Happened



When our parents went the vacation I was afraid to sleep alone in my room,as om used to the presence of my parents. however they left me with my younger brother to take care of me. Normally when I I’m afraid to sleep alone in my room I tell my parents and they encourage me so that I can sleep well.

In our house during the night there are strange sounds that I hear. I told my parents about them and they said that they are not hearing anything,I told them that we should maybe get another place.but due to the fact that they love this house so much they refused to buy another house.

My father went to vacation together with my mom and they left me with my brother. during the night i heard those strange sounds that I used to hear.and I told my brother about them and he invited me to his room.he encouraged me and strengthened me so that I can be strong.after that he send me to my room and I refused to go.

I spend a night in his room as I was afraid to go back to my room.I enjoyed spending a night with him because he takes the fear out of me.This December I will be strengthened by him.thanks to the big brother.

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