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Mother nearly burns daughter alive for pranking her with an N150K Bone straight hair (Video below)



Pranks is one common thing on the internet today. Especially with the advent of YouTube and other online Video content sharing platforms, performing pranks on unsuspecting individuals is now a way of getting contents for blogs and social accounts.

This lady who tried to prank her African mum almost got herself beaten up. She called a hair vendor to order a N150,000 worth Bone-Straight hair in front of her Nigerian mum(a fake call).

Bone straight hair is a trending topic on social platforms because of its ridiculously high price. it is a human hair wig said to cost from N100k to N250k.

Her aim was to see how her mother would react when she mentions the N150k worth of the hair she wanted to order.

However, while she was making the fake call and arguing with the non-existent vendor to sell the hair for her at N145k instead of N150k, her mother got angry and nearly hit her with a burning stick from the firewood she was preparing her food with.

Watch the video below;