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Mother And Daughter Fight Dirty Over A Man In Public (Details below)



Residents of a community in Anambra state had a busy day watching a mother and her daughter fight dirty over a man.
According to online report, issues start when the woman caught her daughter pants down with her boyfriend in his apartment at Nkutaku Layout in Okpoko, a suburb in Ogbaru local government the state.

Reports have it that the man who is in his early 30s, was a customer at the woman restaurant at Ochanja market, near Onitsha where her daughter also assist her mother.

A neighbour who spoke with newsmen said trouble started when the young lady began dating the man identified as ‘Oga Dubai’.

“She did not know that her mother and Oga Dubai were already dating secretly before he decided to switch to her”, the source who did not want his name mentioned in the print, said.

“The mother kept her calm initially thinking that it was mere friendly play. But, trouble started when on one of the man’s visits to the restaurant, the daughter rushed to him and embraced and kissed him.

The mother immediately chastised her daughter ending the issue at that moment.

However, the man invited the daughter to his house a few days later. The mother who had been tipped off about the invitation, trailed her daughter to the man’s house at Nkutaku layout Okpoko.

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“The daughter did not know that her mother was a regular visitor to the house and as such very familiar with co-tenants to the man. So after about three hours after her daughter went to the man’s house, she decided to pay an unscheduled visit to the man.

“After knocking, she pushed the door open and saw both unclad, with the daughter’s handbag hung on the wall. The woman kept her calm and managed to hold herself until the man told her that “you are supposed to wait for someone to come and open the door for you before you come in”

The woman began shouting accusing the man of sleeping with mother and daughter, and swearing to cut ties with him and her daughter.
“As the heated argument ensued between the man and the mother, the daughter tried to sneak away but unfortunately for her the mother rushed outside and held her, dragging her back to the man’s house.

Things got even more heated and the woman began to beat the girl, calling her lover- boy snatcher in the process. The girl fought back when the beating became worse and tore her mother’s clothes into shred, exposing her nakedness”. the witness said

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A man who claimed to be one of the co-tenants said;
“The woman comes to our compound steady, we even think she is the wife to the man. Sometimes she will cook and fetch water and wash the man’s clothes”, he said.

What a show of shame!