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Meet Obasanjo’s Wife Who Married Him In 2009 And Is Currently Living With Him (Details below)



Former Nigeria’s president is a man that can be used as an example of a successful man. He is an Elder State Man, a writer, a P. H. D holder, a politician, a father, an Icon, and a man Nigeria will never forget in years to come.

We all know that his late wife Stella Obasanjo of blessed memory was the woman whom Obasanjo loved wholeheartedly. President Olusegun Obasanjo had made her Nigeria’s First Lady during his tenure.

Of course, she would have been the one who lives and enjoys Obasanjo’s life now, had she not died in the year 2005, but today, another woman takes her place.

Hence, through this article, we will look at who the successor of Mrs. Stella Obasanjo really is:

Today, one can not overemphasize that Olusegun Obasanjo has lived and still lives a glorious and fulfilled life with many wives and about 20 children to his name.

He began with Oluremi Obasanjo, followed by other wives. However, the woman who currently lives with Obasanjo now, is by the name Bola Obasanjo.

It has been confirmed that Mrs Bola Obasanjo has a child named Funsho Obasanjo for Obasanjo.

Before now, according to reports, she used to live in London, but now moved to Obasanjo’s house in Nigeria.

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They were married in 2009, which was four years after Stella died. It can be seen that Mrs Bola seems to be very homely, nice, and friendly, and is always seen welcoming guests and also maintaining good and cordial ties with the large number of children in the household, who always look upon her as the woman of the house.

We can say that in a nutshell, Mrs. Bola represents the family well, and exercises the role of a wife and mother excellently. She is the woman who actually prepares Bàbà’s meal, feeds his guests, and fulfills all other duties.

Mom’s gorgeous, obviously! What do you think about Obasanjo’s successful life?

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