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Married Woman Mercilessly Beaten By Her Two Brothers For Cheating On Her Husband (Details below)



It’s so appalling that a married woman would think of engaging in an extra marital affair, it’s however more disgusting if the husband or anyone takes law into their hands by beating a grown up woman so mercilessly. This is woman abuse of the highest order and the perpetrators need to be brought to book as soon as possible.

A video is currently circulating online about a certain woman who was caught cheating on her husband, somewhere in Osun state, Nigeria. The family of this woman, in a bid to exonerate themselves that the lady actually came from a good home, her two elder brothers flogged her mercilessly in the presence of her said husband, without him battling an eyelid. Despite the woman screaming in pain and begging to be forgiven, the action did not stop until her neighbors came to her rescue, banging at the door and threatening to report the case to the local police authority.

After the unfortunate incident, a question was raised on Facebook, a social media platform on if the brothers were right to do such a thing and unsurprisingly, majority of the men supported such a barbaric act, justifying the action while blaming the woman for engaging in adultery.

Is it a good or bad thing for the family of the woman to interfere in her marriage? Based on my own opinion, it’s wrong to beat such an elderly person irrespective of the offence, the husband and the two brothers have been taken into custody. According to report, some human right agencies have intervened in the case and have charged the husband as well as the three brothers for human abuse, the man whose name was said to be Mr Alani and his cohorts, Mr Adejare and Mr Kabiru will appear beforee the court of law very soon.

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